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On-demand design and delivery of custom,
patient-specific treatment devices for cancer patients

.decimal initiatives

Automate .decimal

.decimal sets the standard for rapid turnaround on patient-specific devices utilizing our own proprietary software for internet-based manufacturing:

  • Decimal Direct
  • Decimal Tracking
  • dCAM

Protons .decimal

.decimal has been heavily involved in proton therapy since 2006. From manufacturing patient-specific proton radiation therapy devices to developing specialized software for planning and QA. .decimal’s proton offerings include:

  • Manufacturing Proton Aperture and Proton Range Compensator Devices
  • Patented Shell & Core Proton Aperture Technology
  • Range Compensator CT QA Software
  • Dose-based Device Design Scripts
  • Secondary Dose Calculations
  • Proton Treatment Planning Algorithm Library

Planning .decimal

.decimal created p.d to enable seamless design and ordering of patient-specific radiation therapy devices using plan information from any existing treatment planning vendors. Also, within p.d, our customers leverage other proprietary and patented tools for:

  • Bolus Electron Conformal Therapy
  • Uniform Thickness Bolus
  • Electron Cutouts Digitization
  • CT based QA for proton range compensators

Electrons .decimal

Electron therapy is capable of delivering highly conformal and efficient treatments when the right delivery aids are utilized to achieve accurate beam shaping and range control.  .decimal’s advanced electron radiation therapy devices include:

  • BolusECT
  • Machined Copper Apertures

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