decimal3D Scanner

What is decimal3D?

decimal3D is a handheld tablet device with advanced optical scanning technology that enables you to capture a full color, 3D, accurate rendering of a patient’s treatment surface.

Our intuitive iPad App allows you to quickly digitize the shape of the physician-drawn treatment



Automatically Design Your Beams for Clinical Setups

Use the device to define your beams’ gantry and couch angles outside the treatment room, e.g., in the exam or simulation room. With decimal3D, you gain the convenience and cost-effectiveness of not having to schedule the treatment room for planning clinical setups.



Design Custom Electron Blocks

Draw the treatment region directly in the beam’s-eye-view (BEV) and design a custom electron block to fit that region.




Find “Best Fit” from Standard Library

Calculate the 10 best fits to your defined treatment volume based on a library of hundreds of options of standard apertures (circles, rectangles, ellipses, etc.). Select from standards you already own, or order new ones to add to your inventory.




Capture Patient Setup Photos

Acquire patient setup photos in an easy and organized fashion, and store setup photos in the patient’s respective record for seamless export to the electronic medical record or R&V system.




DICOM Export

Export DICOM files from decimal3D to your TPS or secondary dose calc, then on to your R&V.

Watch the video here