decimal3D Setup Parameters

  • Site Information

  • Clinical Contact

  • The Primary Clinical Contact is the principal lead for coordinating decimal3D implementation and training.
  • Gantry Setup

    Facing the gantry, rotate the gantry in a clockwise fashion. Fill in the gantry angles at the requested positions as seen in the schematics.
  • Collimator Setup

    Looking at the collimator in a BEV, rotate the collimator in the counter-clockwise fashion. Fill in the collimator angles at the requested positions.
  • Couch Setup

    Looking towards the gantry and with a view from above, note the angles at the nominal position, then at a clockwise couch rotation of 90 degrees, then counter-clockwise 90 degress. Fill in the couch angles at the requested positions as per the following schematics.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.