FlexiBol® Custom Silicone Bolus

What is FlexiBol?

Over the years, radiation therapy’s imaging, planning, and delivery technologies have advanced rapidly. However, one staple tool – the bolus – has lagged behind … until now, that is. Our customized FlexiBol devices are high-performance, patient-specific silicone boluses that are fit for the modern era.

By using our custom silicone bolus, FlexiBol, the dosimetry and physics team are able to design and receive a bolus that matches exactly what is created in the treatment planning system. In addition to the conformal fit and accuracy, the custom bolus allows for quick setup during treatment and ease of positioning.

510(k) Cleared. FlexiBol received 510(k) clearance in 2021.

Adapts to Changes During the Course of Treatment. Each FlexiBol is a custom silicone bolus designed for each unique patient. They are made of a comfortable silicone material that conforms to common changes in patient shape, making it a good fit, fraction-to-fraction and for adaptive radiation therapy.

Designed for the Best Patient Experience. Conventional bolus sheets are impersonal and with no customization of fit. Each FlexiBol is patient-specific, highly conformal, and comfortable for the patient.

When you use a FlexiBol custom silicone bolus, you remind each patient that their treatment is personalized, and that their comfort is of paramount importance.

FlexiBol Gallery

View our gallery below to see examples of various FlexiBol anatomy. Including ears, scalps, nose, breasts, limbs, and more.

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FlexiBol Testimonial



FlexiBol Testimonial