P.D Release Notes

5.1.13 (build 4817) Release Notes

  • Adds option for user to select the patient database directory (allows for sharing p.d database via network drive).
  • Added option to smooth the target structure while constructing a bolus.
  • Fixes an error in electron aperture digitizing for images with non-square pixels and large angle rotations.
  • Improves the speed of the structure rendering calculation.
  • Updates the error message if user attempts to order in offline mode.
  • Updates the bolus extension operator to match published references (Low 1991).
  • Simplifies the bolus wizard by removing uncommon controls from the UI.
  • Makes the edit dose display button more prominent.
  • Minor updates to PBRA dose parameters and isodose shift operator behavior.
  • Sets default option for appending the patient MRN to the patient name to false.
  • Corrects a proton range compensator rendering issue that could (rarely) cause application crashes.