GRID Therapy

GRID Therapy

Grid radiation therapy, using the megavoltage X-ray beam, has been proven to be an effective method for the management of large and bulky malignant tumors.  This treatment modality is also known as Spatially Fractionated Radiation Therapy (SFRT).

In this treatment technique, a grid block converted the open radiation field into a series of pencil beams. It is based on the concept of delivering non-uniform, high dose, pencil beam radiation through a collimated grid with a 50:50 open to closed blocked area ratio. The grid dose distribution is similar to stereotactic “virtual” brachytherapy. Our Materials

Shine a Light: They History, Mystery, and Opportunity of GRID Therapy

If you work in radiation oncology, the story of spatially-fractionated GRID therapy is perhaps the best story you’ve never heard.

It is a story of history and science, of mystery and opportunity. But perhaps most of all, it is a story of family. A son and his father, yes, but also of a larger family: the family of the people we work with, and learn from, and sometimes, teach. And a family larger still, the family of people we ultimately work for: those in need of help, those in need of hope, those who in times of darkness just need someone to shine a light.

We hope you take the time to enjoy this documentary and share it with your friends and colleagues. And we hope that, like us, you are inspired.

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