Electron Cutouts

Electron Cutouts (Blocks/Apertures)

With .decimal as your virtual machine shop and mold room, using cerrobend (lead) is out of the equation so there are no more concerns over the risk and cost of regulatory compliance. Replace your mold room then use that valuable real estate in your clinic for something more useful and safe. Let .decimal show you how! Our Materials

Custom Cutouts

Our electron cutouts are precision milled from copper, and arguably more accurate than their handmade counterparts. You can customize them in your planning system, digitize them, or design them directly with our hand-held 3D scanner.

Standard Kits

Many of our customers also specify sets, or kits, of standard electron block and aperture shapes. These reusable devices are designed for the typical target shapes and sizes, as specified by our users. We have a vast array of standards already in our library, but we update this library to include new standards upon request. If you have our 3D scanner, its software can be used to find the “best fit” standard based on a user’s current kit, or to suggest a new standard that’s available for order from the general library.



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