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  • *Machine name has to match the TPS name. **If you have multiple machines, please contact .decimal for proper set up.
  • Required for Bolus ECT

    In order for us to properly setup your account, we must obtain the energy and its respective R90 depths for your machines.
  • Gantry

    Facing the gantry, rotate the gantry in a clockwise fashion. Fill in the gantry angles at the requested positions.
  • Collimator

    Looking at the collimator in a BEV, rotate the collimator in the counter-clockwise fashion. Fill in the collimator angles at the requested positions.
  • Couch

    From the foot of the couch looking at the gantry, rotate the couch clockwise 90 degrees, parallel to the gantry and counter-clockwise 90 degress. Fill in the couch angles at the requested positions.
  • Survey Wrap Up

    Any additional things you like to share, use this section.