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What is decimal3D?

decimal3D uses an iPad App with advanced optical scanning technology enabling you to capture a 3D, full color, dimensionally accurate rendering of your patient’s treatment area. It is a simple tool allowing you to quickly digitize the shape of the physician drawn treatment area and design the required electron aperture. From this App, you can access our one-click ordering for your aperture to arrive the next day.

Streamline your clinical electron setup

decimal3D helps your radiation oncology department eliminate treatment room delays and stresses that are often associated with the inefficient process of clinical electron set-ups. Our new technology enhances the patient experience and achieves workflow efficiencies for your physicians and staff. When coupled with our next day electron aperture delivery, you can stay focused on patient care.

Benefits to your clinic

• Replaces the old clinical electron setup model with a high-tech, efficient solution

• Decreases the number of steps in your workflow

• Facilitates a better work environment by reducing stress on staff and patients

• Provides less potential for accidents and errors

• Decreases potential delays that impact patient wait time and satisfaction


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