FlexiBol® Standard Kits

What are FlexiBol Silicone Bolus Standard Kits?

Our FlexiBol custom silicone bolus devices have become so popular that we have been asked to provide standard parts (e.g., flat sheets) so that clinics can have a single provider for all their bolus needs. Made using the same flexible silicone material as our custom FlexiBol, our standard sheets are a great solution for simple bolus cases.

Now Available:

We pride ourselves in creating medical devices that enhance patient treatment and care .decimal colored-coded sheet bolus will be provided in 4 colors to promote safety in the treatment room. Each sheet thickness will be in its own color to provide an extra level of confidence that the patient is being treated with the correct thickness.

Sheets are also available in our pigmented peach color, which has better performance with SGRT systems.

FlexiBol Silicone Bolus Sheets

FlexiBol silicone sheet bolus come in the following sizes. Please contact us to suggest or request other variations.

Thickness (cm) Size (cm x cm)
0.3 30 x 30

30 x 45

0.5 30 x 30

30 x 45

0.7 30 x 30

30 x 45

1.0 30 x 30

30 x 45

Custom Call for availability


Other FlexiBol Standard Shapes

Works in Progress: We are working to design a kit of standard scalp caps as well as arm and leg sleeves that provide the same benefit in a standard shape as our custom patient specific silicone bolus and silicone sheet bolus.